Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Seaside Serenade

(Jumper - H&M / Shorts - H&M / Shoes - Converse / Bag - Hippy Shop)

Me and my sister took a little trip to the seaside the other day. As the lovely weather is starting to go, well it is up here in the north, jumper's are coming out. I'm a huge fan of jumpers, this is more of a summer jumper, if that makes sense. 

Isn't the colour lovely? Mint green has become a favourite of mine and it was only £5 in the sale.Admittedly I wish I never wore the tights but it does get chilly near the sea.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Band Tee and White Jeans

(Band Tee - Thrifted / White Jeans - H&M / Loafers - Primark / Beanie -H&M) 

Just a little quick OOTD. I know this outfit isn't really anything special just something I quickly throw together.
I got this band tee a while ago, I strongly think that you should only wear a band tee of a band you like. As I don't really listen to rock bands, I never really wear band tee's. I don't think this is a band I really don't know like I said I don't really have any knowledge in bands. I'd wear my Justin Bieber shirts more but when I wear them I turn a lot of head, still not sure why. If you want me to do a post on how I style my Bieber shirts let me know. 

I don't know if you know this but I really like Justin Bieber. Yes I am an obsessive fan girl.

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Floral Festival

(Men's Vest - Topman / Floral Pants - Thrifted / Cardigan - Thrifted /
Shoes - Schuh / Bag - Primark / Sunnies - Primark)

Are you enjoying the sunny weather? I went on a walk with my dad and sister, who has recently became my camera woman, to a park that has just opened.

 I know these photo's are a bit different from the usually ones,  what are your thought? Should I keep doing ones like this?Aren't these floral pants beautiful, I got them yesterday when I went thrifting. I feel rather hippyish and bohemian. 

Friday, 5 July 2013

Hippy Treatment

(Top - Primark / Shorts - DIY / Cardigan - Thrifted / 
Sunglasses - Primark / Flower Crown - DIY / Bag - Primark / Shoes - Schuh)

Are you enjoying the sun? I don't know what it is but i'm feeling rather Hippyish. 
I love the print on these shorts. Fun fact, these shorts used to be my sisters when she was 4. Well it used to be a jumpsuit but now there a cute pair of shorts.Speaking of DIY, what do you think of the flower crown? I have been meaning to show you it for ages. I made it a while back.

 Also I have been spending money again, I bet you can hear my bank account screaming. I'll do a huge haul when my stuff arrives from H&M. It's been 5 days and still no package. If its not here by Monday, they are getting a strongly worded email.