Monday, 29 April 2013

Coco Chanel Inspired

(Shirt - Thrifted / Leather Jakcet - Topshop / 
Riding Pants - H&M / Shoes - Primark / Scarf - Thrifted )

Have you even seen the movie Coco Before Chanel? It's all about Coco Chanel before she was a famous designer. She used to wear men's suits. That where I got the inspiration for this outfit, I know it doesn't look like a suit but its a more modern younger version. 

The shirt was only £1 from a Charity shop and I love it, Its definitely one of my best finds. Also I love my riding pants, they are really old but I have seen Topshop are doing some now in different colours, I'm thinking I might get some. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Black in the Sun

(Top - Topshop / Riding Pants - H&M / Leather Vest - H&M /
 Shoes - Creepers / Bag - A Hippy Shop in Liverpool)

The sun is slowly starting to come out in Britain. So I think a little bit of belly is appropriate, not that I usual flash it all. I love leather but when the sun is out it's never a good thing, a leather vest is the perfect alternative, I got this one last year for H&M and if I remember correctly, it was only around £15, which is a bargain I think. And I know my creepers are look a little bit worn, I don't see the point in buying new ones to be honest. They aren't really in fashion any more. But I think they went well with the outfit.

I know my camera quality isn't great, i'm going camera shopping tonight to get a SLR camera, so bare with me.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eat Clean

I'm sick of telling myself the same old thing about how i'm gunna get bikini fit, gunna lose weight, gunna start exercising. But this time I mean it.

I have heard a lot about the whole Eat Clean thing. If you haven't basically it just eating healthy food, that only contain a few ingredients, rather than foods that contain a large list of ingredients that you have never heard of. So when I went on my weekly food shop I picked up a few healthy bits and bobs to kick start my Eat Clean diet. I fingers crossed by the end of it I am looking like a Victoria Secret model.