Sunday, 30 June 2013

London Haul

(Bag - Primark £10)
(Jumper - H&M £10)
(iPhone Case - H&M £2)
(Neons jeans - Monki £8 / White Skinnys - H&M £10)

So the other day I had another audition in London. So I took this opportunity, not only to go to the audition, but also to go shopping.  

I needed a new bag, and lets be honest black bags never go out of fashion.
I love this Jumper, so simple but lovely. I think everyone should have a classy white jumper in there closet.
I got the phone case a few days before, but I thought i'd throw it in away. 
These neon skinny's are my new clothes crush, they are high waisted, cropped and only £8.
I have wanted some white skinnys for about a year. And there are like £11 at primark, and H&M ones will last longer. 

That's pretty much how I justified my buys. My bank account did take a bit of a punch but these things are closet must haves. Apart for the neon jeans, but I couldn't say no. I'm just gunna wear the crap out of them until they are no longer in fashion.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Houndstooth and a Chav

(Top - Primark / Jeans - H&M / Leather Jacket - Topshop /
Necklace - Egypt / Shoes - Doc's)

I love how this outfit is simple yet effective. I thought this top was rather interesting, I loved how its like a mullet, Business in the front Party in the back haha. 

I have been thinking of getting some white jeans for a while, and while I was in London the other day and saw these in the sale for £10 I couldn't resit. I bought a few things that day so I will be doing a Haul sometime this week.  

 Bit random I know but tonight I did my end for year show for college. I played a chavy girl, I have never played a main part before so I was kinda nervous, but it went really well. Now I have finished college for the summer I will be able to blog a lot more.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Speckled Silence

(Jumper - Miss Selfridge / Skirt - H&M / Leather Jacket - Topshop /
Bag - Thrifted / Scarf - Thrfited / Shoes - Schuh)

Me and my friend decided to go to a show last weekend. I gotta be honest I do love this outfit. I don't know what it is about skirts and high socks but I think they are the perfect couple. And this speckled knit cropped jumper is a babe. It's so flattering and goes perfect with high waisted things.

I thought the outfit was looking a bit to black and white so I added this silk scarf that I thrifted last year, I love the way it looks, like a random drop of blood.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Holiday Snaps

Here are just a few more holiday snaps. I know the quality of a few isn't great because I took them with my iPhone.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Egypt Outfits

(Top - DIY / Skirt - Thrifted / Shoes - Primark)

(Top - Topshop / Shorts - H&M / Kimono - Thrifted / Shoes - Schuh)

(Top - DIY / Shirt - Primark / Shoes - Schuh)

(Top - DIY / Shorts - H&M / Shoes - Schuh / 
Bag - Hippy Shop in Liverpool / Coat - Given to me at the Ice Bar)

Here are a few outfit photos that I took on holiday. I honestly spent the whole holiday wearing crop tops with high waisted bottoms. We went for a drink in an Ice Bar and they gave me this rather attractive coat. 

Hype the outfits on LookBook.
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Egyptian Inspiration

Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, I have been busy tanning in Egypt. My friend invited me to go on holiday with her to Egypt for 10 days. I loved the Egyptian shops they we packed with loads of interesting stuff.

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