Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Black in the Sun

(Top - Topshop / Riding Pants - H&M / Leather Vest - H&M /
 Shoes - Creepers / Bag - A Hippy Shop in Liverpool)

The sun is slowly starting to come out in Britain. So I think a little bit of belly is appropriate, not that I usual flash it all. I love leather but when the sun is out it's never a good thing, a leather vest is the perfect alternative, I got this one last year for H&M and if I remember correctly, it was only around £15, which is a bargain I think. And I know my creepers are look a little bit worn, I don't see the point in buying new ones to be honest. They aren't really in fashion any more. But I think they went well with the outfit.

I know my camera quality isn't great, i'm going camera shopping tonight to get a SLR camera, so bare with me.

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  1. you look great, love your shoes!